Sunday, March 9, 2008

meet Bella & more dresses...

here is Bella Brown.
Lauren and Chris' puppy.
She is so cute, and she has warmed up to
Alan and I finally.
I snapped this picture yesterday!

And here are the dresses. Number 1 with bows!

Number 2 not completely finished.
Remember it's messed up...or I think it is.
Still needs to be hemmed.
Number 3 that I made from start to finish this afternoon.
I am planning to add bows to the last two as well.
I really enjoy sewing.
It's neat to start with a piece of fabric and
hours later you have a dress.
I still want to sign up for sewing classes!
There is so much more to learn.

I am also really enjoying my camera!
It is so convenient and easy to use!

Also, if you will notice the buttons on dress #2 and#3.
They are fabric covered buttons.
I saw these when mom and I were at Wal-mart.
I wanted these because number one, they are cheap.
4 buttons for $1.57.
Also, I won't have to search for buttons to match.
Which is very important to me because
I want things to match exactly.
But anyways Mom told me they weren't as easy
as I thought they were gonna be.
Well, to my surprise. They are super easy,
I love the way they look.
and they only take 1 minute per button to make!

Hobby Lobby had patterns on sale for 99 cents last week.
If you don't know anything about patterns, they are usually
7-15 dollars each. So I was excited. I bought three new ones.
One of the patterns is for a romper or a jon-jon for a little boy!
I bought light green gingham fabric.
And I can't wait to make it!
And would you just look at my counter to the right...
and y'all don't leave comments...


Anonymous said...

Hey! Wish I could have seen you. Lauren said ya'll hit Chick Fil A and the dollar store! We were ridiculously cold serving up squirrel rabbits and all kind of varmits:)
The dresses are precious! Looks like you are about ready for Etsy

S.P.T. said...

I totally love your dresses! I so wish I lived closer so you could teach me to sew & we could do it together. I'll talk to you soon!