Sunday, December 2, 2007

lots of stuff to share...

First of all, at the beginning of November we hosted a baby shower for our sweet friends Ken and Libby. The tablecloth below is my first finished product with my sewing machine. I used the fabric that Libby used for the baby's nursery bedding.
In mid November I celebrated my 26th birthday. Alan went to Arkansas on the Friday before my birthday so we had cake on Wednesday night before he left. I thought he did a great job picking out colors for the cake!

And below is a picture of Libby and Ken's precious little bundle, Luke!
They welcomed him to the world on the afternoon of November 24th.
He is absolutely perfectly precious!
I can't wait to take more pictures of him!

What a blessing from the Lord!

On Friday night Lauren and Chris came to dinner at our house. We set the date months ago to ensure that we got together this December. Last year we met halfway at Cracker Barrel to exchange gifts. I made this little snowman cheeseball for an appetizer. Mom and Dad gave me the cute red polka-dotted platter. It was perfect for the little snowman cheeseball.

We tried to take a Christmas card picture of ourselves today. It didn't work so well.
I did get a cute updated profile picture of myself out of them though.
Look at the top right ------->.

Hope everyone's holiday season has gotten off to a great start!


Elizabeth H. said...

You are so creative!! I love your snowman cheese ball!!!

Sarah said...

You definitely are sooo creative. That tablecloth is amazingly cute. And what an adorable baby Ken & Libby have! Talk to you soon!

Laura said...

Hollie (and anyone else who reads this and is looking to buy christmas cards),
check out for christmas cards. they have a coupon right now for 23 cent cards!!!!!! I was excited because I almost ordered mine for 4 times that. I designed the card and then chose the "no border, just my picture" option. but i think they have cute borders and layouts too. anyway, just wanted to share!