Saturday, February 20, 2010

the second...

most exciting blog entry (for me) ever.
Second only to announcing our pregnancy and Rowan's birth.


And we couldn't be more thrilled!
It has been so much fun announcing our 
"somewhat" expected surprise.

Not that our house hunting has been secretive...
we have just been quiet about it here lately.
Honestly, I just got tired of talking about it.
If you have ever looked for a house for any period of time
you know what I am talking about.
We have been looking for almost TWO years!

The hunt can be quite emotional.
(Especially if your name is Hollie!)

Of course there is a cool story about the house...

It was under contract.
But the contract fell through on Thursday night because
the guy who was going to buy the house got deployed.

The agent we are working with called us at 8:00 pm
and told us what happened with the contract, etc.
Told us we need to move fast because it wouldn't
be on the market long.
So we got Rowan out of bed, loaded him up
in the car and off we went.
With flashlights in hand we checked out the
downstairs to see if we would even be interested.
We liked all that we could see...
so Rowan and I went back Friday morning at 9:00.
Alan had already told me...
If you like the house put an offer in on it.
(He was busy with work and couldn't get away until noon.)
At this point we didn't even know the list price,
only what had been accepted from the Air Force Guy.

Ok, so I liked the house.
I texted Alan and he said get moving.
We all agreed to meet at 12:00 to sign
the offer.

So by 1:00 the offer was in.

At 4:00 we got the call saying our offer was accepted!

We don't need an inspection because the guy already had one done
and we got a copy of it.
There are only a few minor things that need to be done.

We will close on or before March 31st.

I can't tell you how many times we have said...
Isn't it so funny how things work out.

Of course to God it isn't funny...
He knew all along.

It's all in His timing and His way. 

And we are so thankful!


Scroll down for some pictures!


Shauna said...

Fabulous girl! I love it-it's beautiful! Txt me and tell me what neighborhood!! Looking for houses around her eis very hard!

steph said...

Beautiful house! Congrats!

tessahobbs said...

Congratualtions Hollie! The house is beautiful!! I know you are VERY excited!

Sarah said...'ve waited sooo long & I'm glad you can finally get settled in a home of your own again.

Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

A Book Bagg said...

Whoo! Hoo! This has been a long time coming!

anythingbutperfect said...

Congrats! Very exciting!