Sunday, February 14, 2010

couldn't resist this one...

in more than one way.

this afternoon we went for a walk around the apartment complex.
i put Rowan in this precious outfit.

i bought it when we lived in Athens.
probably three or four years ago now.
i used to stop by Macy's on my way home from work

and check out the baby clearance.
i paid a mere three dollars for this knitted one piece.
regular price 40 dollars.

it used to hang in my "future baby closet".

i thought it was beautiful when i bought it...

i couldn't resist it then...

and now on my baby boy...

i couldn't resist his preciousness this afternoon.

i think i took 100 pictures!

i would love to dress him up in it again and sit him in
a beautiful pecan orchard and let my friend Shauna
work her magic.


Sarah said...

that is a precious outfit & little Rowan looks totally irresistable in it! Good find!

Chris, Lauren and Gage said...


steph said...

sweet boy!

Shauna said...

Name the date, name the time, pick an orchard field and Im there! :)

You are too sweet!

Would love to photograph this lil bowl of sugar!