Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spent $12, Saved 40!!!

at Publix.

Alan accompanied me on this trip.
When we got to the checkout he said he was a little
embarrassed by the stack of coupons I handed the cashier.
But when she gave me my receipt
and told me my savings that day he said
he couldn't be any prouder.

Before I started couponing I shopped at Wal-mart
or Kroger for groceries because I thought they were the
cheapest. Now I mainly shop at Publix.
I have found that the sales at Publix are much better.
Jenny at Southern Savers did a comparison
of Publix, Kroger, and Walmart on her blog this week
and I am not at all surprised at what she found.

I also thought that buying toiletries at Wal-mart
was the cheapest way to go.
But now I buy the majority of our toiletries
at CVS and Walgreens.
They have the best deals!!!

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Shauna said...

Thanks for the tips! Aren't you glad you got your blog updating complete before the holidays?! lol I hope to feel the same this weekend but wish I could have got mine done before Christmas! Better late than never I reckon!