Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rowan update!

He is doing great!

We changed him from Zantac to Prevacid
this past Tuesday because we felt like
the Zantac wasn't working.

And boy, are we glad we did.

He is eating better.
(I think he is already over 14 pounds!)
Going to sleep easier.
Taking 2 hour naps.
Smiling more.
Cooing and laughing all the time. So precious.
Spitting up less.

We are all happier!
Thank you Lord!


Shauna said...

Yea for Rowan!! What a gorgeous pic Hollie! I love the way he is looking back at you!! Beautiful!

Laila said...

Zantac is amazing...! It works wonders, always keep it handy at all times. Relieves my lil cupcakes heartburn, hope I can also take it to relieve my heartache! LOL Got it online at