Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas plans? What plans?

i really planned on putting bows on the gifts under the tree.

i also planned to make nametags for the gifts under the tree.

i planned on getting Alan a few more gifts...that never got bought.

i didn't plan on being on-call for work this Christmas.

i planned to see my family before New Year's Eve.

i really planned on making a bow for the top of our tree.

i didn't plan on all three of us being sick all week.

i didn't plan on getting home at 9:45 last night.
i didn't plan on Rowan being asleep when we got home.

i planned on reading him the Christmas story before bedtime.

i planned to take pictures of Rowan leaving cookies and milk for Santa.

i planned on starting my Christmas shopping early...
and being done by now.

i planned on cooking a big breakfast this morning...
but i was in bed until 10:00.

i planned on playing with Rowan all day...
instead we all three slept almost all day.

i planned on making peanut butter balls.
maybe by next weekend?

i didn't plan on eating Chinese take-out for Christmas night supper.

but so it goes.

that's life.

and I am trying to be okay with it.

Now that I am a mom I am realizing I have to let
go of some things...

On a sidenote...we have had a wonderful day anyway.
Having Rowan has really made Christmas fun.
He loved all his gifts.
He is starting to sit up by himself which makes it really
easy for him to play.
So far I haven't been called in.
(Thank you Lord. Just 2 more days and I'll be
done with Christmas call for the next 5 years. I hope.)
We are all feeling a little better, but ready for these colds to pass.
We gotta head out tomorrow and finish our shopping
for Christmas with my family next week.
And hit up a few after Christmas sales too.
I gotta work on making my peanut butter balls.
To heck with making any bows or nametags at this point...

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

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Anonymous said...

Grandpap got through looking at the blog pictures. Looking forward to Friday and Santa coming again. Plan on smoked chicken and Boston Butt for the main course.