Wednesday, August 12, 2009

why i am excited about Christmas...

- Rowan's 1st Christmas!
- Decorating Rowan's Christmas tree!
- All of Rowan's 1st Christmas outfits we bought last year before
we even knew he was a boy!
- We get to decorate this year because we have the apartment!
I have already pictured the tree in front of the
windows in the sunroom!
- Rowan's Christmas photo shoot with the same
photographer who did his newborn shoot.
-Christmas cards. Love getting them!
Can't wait to send them!
- My family drew names this year.
Something we have never done before.
- Baking lots of goodies for our neighbors, family,
friends and co-workers!
- Trying to spend less and focus more on the
true meaning of Christmas! Jesus!
- Picking out wrapping paper and ribbon at Hobby Lobby.
- Spending time wrapping presents.
- Maggie comes home again! :)

Not that I am wishing our lives away...I am just a big anticipator!
At Hobby Lobby last week they had tons of Christmas stuff out.
I am not one to be like "Why are they already putting that stuff out?".
I am one who goes down each aisle taking it all in.
Dreaming, creating, and picturing things as I walk around.
I am the one who carefully picked out five ornaments for Rowan's tree
and slipped them in my buggy!

I can't wait for Christmas!
134 days left!

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Jessica Leigh Alligood said...

I was sooooo excited to see Fall and Christmas things out! It has always been my favorite time of year... now with children- there are just no words for the excitement and chaos ;D