Sunday, August 16, 2009

my precious husband...

so, the post-pregnancy hormones are calming down
but, they still rage at moments.
and friday afternoon was one of those moments.
i was sitting at home with rowan.
i was tired.
he wouldn't take a nap.
he wanted to nurse. and nurse. and nurse. and nurse.
i wanted to cry. and cry. and cry. and cry.
but, i didn't.
I texted alan and told him i was so tired.
just wanted a short nap.
and how i was feeling a little frustrated
i asked him when he is coming home.
he told me around 3:00.
it was 1:00 at the time.
thank goodness.
2 more hours.
so fast forward to 4:00.
rowan has finally fallen asleep on my stomach.
i am snoozing too.
alan walks in.
gives us both a kiss.
he hands me a card.
a sweet, precious card.
i cry.
he is so in tune with me.
he knows just the right things to do for me.
he had tucked a gift certificate for a manicure
and pedicure in there too.
and he offered to take me and
watch rowan while i was in there.

thank you Lord, for my precious husband!

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Roxanne said...

He's a keeper, that's for sure!