Sunday, August 9, 2009

be still...

Our house still hasn't still.
It's time for Rowan to eat still.
We are living in the apt. for at least 6 still.
We have been blessed with everything and more than
we need to care for still.
We have found a church we want to still.
Our beautiful son has finally still.
God provides for us still.
It's three in the morning and I'm still.
I'm still.
I'm still.
I wonder why still.

Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10)

How often do we rush through our day, worried about our own agenda's?
How often do we worry and stress about where God has us for a time?
How often do we grow frustrated with our circumstances?
How often do we forget how much God has blessed us, and how
he provides perfectly for our needs and even our wants?
How often do we go to God in pure thanksgiving instead of in selfish want?
How often do we focus on ourselves rather than the needs of those around us?
How often do we want to rush the ones around us, rather than truly enjoy who they are?

The other day while riding around in the car
with Alan and Rowan,
Alan asked me why I thought our house hasn't sold.
I just replied, "I think God just wants us to be still".
It was like a lightbulb went off for both of us.

Just be still.

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Angel said...

Thank you for the reminder....It is when we are still that we feel His presence the most!