Thursday, April 30, 2009

"The" shopping cart cover...

this is the cover stretched over my sewing machine case lid.

Two weekends ago I headed to Alabama
by myself to spend the whole weekend.
One of the goals of the trip was to make a shopping cart cover
for Rowan. Now we all know that my sewing skills are less
than perfect. So, I enlist the help of my big sister
Paige for complicated projects.
She is more than willing to help...especially if it's for Rowan.
I had already bought the supplies, prepared the pattern
and washed the fabric.

So we started working on the "project" on Friday morning.
Paige told mom it would take us 2 hours...
Well, in all actuallity it ended up taking us probably 8 hours.
The pattern was terrible. I'm throwing it away.
We had to basically figure out how the thing went together all by ourselves.
After all the blood, sweat, and tears it turned out precious.
We took it to the store and tried it out.

All it needs is a precious little boy sitting in it to make it complete.

Paige, thanks for helping me!
We love you!

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Elizabeth H. said...

VERY cute!!! I bought a shopping cart cover pattern and haven't attempted it yet. The nap mat pattern I used was AWFUL, so I'm too scared! I'm glad you posted this because I don't think I will try it out.... but I must say, your cover is ADORABLE!!! I love the fabric!! He will look very handsome in it!