Monday, April 6, 2009

not really a BIG deal...

Some people are begging God for a child.
Some people are begging God for their child to live.
Some people are begging God for salvation for their children.

Some people are praying for God to cure their mom from cancer.
Some people are praying for God to cure their husband from cancer.

Some people are rebuilding their homes that have
been destroyed by floods, tornados, and fires.

Some people are asking God to save their marriage.
Some people are asking God for their husbands just to say "I love you".

Some people are begging God to save their home from foreclosure.
Some people are drowning in debt and completely hopeless,
asking that God would grant them mercy financially.

Some people are battling health conditions that have
been labelled "terminal".

Some people are asking God for a job.

And here I sit tonight...
With a precious baby boy in my belly.
One who is actively kicking me right this second.
Who is healthy in every way.

With a sweet, husband in the next room watching
Fox News just like he does every night.
Who tells me he loves me more times than I can count each day.
Who is healthy, and loving, and patient...and the list goes on.

With a house that has been perfect for us for the past three years.
A great starter home.
One that is waiting for the perfect buyers.
One that I hate to say good bye to...

With two healthy parents who raised me in a Christian, home...
One where God is doing amazing things.
And they love me more than I probably know.

With finances that are taken care of by my husband.
Who looks out for us and makes wise decisions for us.
Who yields to God's way of handling money.

With a great job...and even Alan has a great job.

I (we) have so much to be thankful for.
All I (we) am really asking God for our house to sell...
but what it all boils down to is...
it's not really a BIG deal.

Right now I am counting my blessings...not my worries.
Trusting that God works all things together for the good to those who love him.
Trusting that He has the master plan for us.
Trusting that in time we will know why we were here.


Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

Right now...I too am counting my blessings...and that post...was a blessing! What great perspective- what a great reminder for us all to step back and be thankful. Its hard when you are in the middle of something to step back and see the big picture- I get very consumed in myself and in my situations in life. Well done girl and well written-thanks for the much needed reminder that this too shall pass! God has BIG plans for yall- he is preparing the perfect buyers for your house in Statham- and he is preparing the perfect home for you to bring Rowan home to. You are one day closer to seeing why God has you where He has you. I love you and hope to see you soon!


Maggie said...

how refreshing! by the way i've been stealing swaddler coupons from my bosses house for you lately :) love you