Monday, March 9, 2009

what's going on...

Home sweet should say "buy me please"

Really, really wanting our house to sell.
Just tired.
Ready to be at home all the time.
Praying that this is the week!

Having some serious heartburn.
TUMS are my friends!

Our bumper came in today!
It is so cute!

Got a letter in the mail today...
"To the mom-to-be"...
Who me?
It still doesn't feel real!

We go to the doctor on Thursday.

Going to Alabama for the weekend.
Cade is turning 8!

It was lovely driving home from work tonight.
It was still light outside.

Karen Kingsbury is my new favorite author.
Read Summer in its entirety last Tuesday.
Fabulous book with lots of lines that were
written just for me... i.e.
"For who can add days to his life by worrying?"
"God is still God when things don't go your way."

Rowan now has a cradle mattress, cradle sheet
and a cradle bumper. It's creme and chenille.
So soft, I want to lay down with him!

Thanking God for...
Good health.
No nausea.
A healthy baby.
Lots of energy.
Good sleep.
His provisions.
Each tumble I feel in my belly.
Longer days.


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S.P.T. said...

Karen Kingsbury was one of Peppes' favorite authors. I've never read anything by her though, but I think I'll check her out now. I'll try to give you a call soon.