Sunday, March 1, 2009

a great weekend and nursery ideas!

Alan and I spent the weekend with Lauren, Chris and Gage.
We had a wonderful time.
Gage is an absolute joy.
He loves to smile and "talk".
I still marvel at what God has already done
in his short little life!
He will be six months old on Wednesday!

On Saturday night, Lauren and Chris hosted a
get together for their Sunday School class.
Which means...we got to see and visit with alot
of our old friends!
It was great to be around people who "know" us and love us.
Those are the people who celebrated our
salvations, our engagement, our wedding,
and who are now celebrating the arrival of our baby boy!
And alot of them read my blog! :)
When we left Milledgeville we left a great
church family! One that I miss dearly these days.
I'm praying for another church family like Sinclair!

Lauren always has some sort of surprise for me...
And on this visit she surprised me with
the Grobag Egg and a precious matching bib and
burp cloth that are both monogrammed.
Love them!
The Grobag Egg is a fabulous room thermometer
for the nursery. Gage has one too.
Lauren and I have thought they were the coolest
things since her mother-in-law got one for her.
It changes colors with the temperature so at
a glance you can tell if the room is cool enough for the baby.
A cool temperature decreases chances of SIDS in babies.

Lauren and I were laughing at Wal-mart
on Saturday as we ran into people we knew from
college or church.
We said they were probably thinking
"Those girls are still inseperable!".
She is my bestest friend.
At one time during the weekend she looked
at me and said I wish we could be neighbors.
Me too!
I consider myself so blessed to call her friend.
Lauren is an amazing person.
She has a great sense of humor.
She is so thoughtful and organized.
She really listens and can almost make
anything that's wrong, right!

On to nursery ideas...
So I had this dilemma about what to do about
curtains for Rowan's room.
I don't have a clue about where we will be
in a few months. I have no clue how many windows
will be in the nursery or how big.
The curtains that match the bedding are a
little pricey for my taste.
So guess what I did...
I found this bed skirt that matches the "child" size
bedding of our crib bedding.
I ordered a twin size bed skirt last week.
It was on clearance...
and I got an additional 10% off.
And...I am going to be making a curtain or
covering a cornice board with the fabric from the bed skirt.
I am also going to make a cute little monogrammed
pillow to put on the glider.
I am so excited about it!

For the light fixture in the room...
I'm going to buy a similar chandelier as the
one below and paint it blue or khaki (haven't decided).
I have already found 2 at an antique store in Byron.
Then I want embellish cute little white shades
with blue or khaki grosgrain ribbon around the top
and bottom rim of the shade.
Hopefully it won't look too girly!
I have always said that I wanted to paint our baby's
initials/monogram on the wall rather than
using the wooden letters to spell the baby's name.
I just want something different.
So I found this idea on HGTV's website Rate my Space.
I am gonna paint Rowan's initials on the wall...
and then frame them with a big chunky frame.
I'm not fond of the block letters shown in the picture...
I just love the frame idea.

Be still my heart!
I saw these on the front of the Belk sale paper today.
I love them all!
I cut out the 15% off coupon and
I will be making my way to Belk's on Tuesday
to buy some of this cute stuff!

Oh to have a house again...

Have a wonderful week!


Baby Nursery said...
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Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

Enjoyed it soo much! Look forward to next time!

Chris, Lauren and Gage said...
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S.P.T. said...

ok, that egg thing is too cool...might have to get one of those to add to my collection!