Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lauren, Chris and baby Brown...

Baby Brown has a name!

(He's had a name for a few weeks, but I thought they might change their mind!)

Robert Gage Brown.

Lauren and Chris got good news today at their appointment in Philadelphia.

Gage's liver has not herniated into the lung/heart cavity!
The doctors say that if it has not herniated yet, it won't!
This increases his chance of survival from 75% to 93%!
Also, this decreases the need for ECMO (a heart/lung bypass machine)
even though he may still need it.

They also found a ventricular septal defect (VSD).
(A small hole in the septum between the Left and right ventricle)
The doctor said most of the time these fix themselves.
Let's pray this closes on its own!

Thanks for praying for Gage!
Let's all keep praying for him!

They will go back to Philadelphia in 4 weeks.
Then again in 8 weeks.

Then at 36 weeks she will fly up!
Around 38 weeks they will induce.
(If her body is giving signs that it is ready.)

I am so privileged to be allowed to see God work
through Lauren, Chris and Gage's life.

He is so awesome...so worthy of our praise!

In less important news...
The Camry is going to be fixed!
Thank you God!
It will take a few weeks, but she will be worth the wait!

Alan and I had a great time in St. Simons!
We are at Alan's parents now...I have my new employee
physical tomorrow at my new job.
Then we will head back home to rest up and return here over the weekend!


steph said...

I haven't stopped smiling since I talked to Lauren tonight!!!

Glad you guys had fun at K&P

Elizabeth H. said...

That is wonderful news about Gage!!! My goodness, what a huge blessing!

The Leinwetters said...

I cannot imagine the sigh of relief L and C breathed after that appointment. What great news!

S.P.T. said...

I am so thankful for the good news about little Gage. Hope you are enjoying your time between jobs!

Anonymous said...

Just got back on the internet tonight to check your blog and all of my emails. Everything looks perfect as far as our news goes (I know you asked me to check it). I am also glad your first day went well. I sent you a little something in the mail today...be checking the Ft. Valley mailbox.