Friday, June 20, 2008

i survived...

my last day...

lots of tears, hugs, and good-byes.

lots of "lasts"

"this is my last patient"

"this is the last time I will count narcotics"

"this is the last time I will clock out"

(ridiculous I know)

They made me turn in my ID badge.

Are you kidding me...I am such a "no clutter allowed" person...

but I wanted that ID.

I have my others and I wanted that one.

My co-workers sent me off in style with a "date in a bucket".

Carrabas gift card and movie tickets.

Reese's cups and Jordan almonds.

And a bucket for popcorn.

My favorite part was probably the card!

Totally thoughtful and totally appreciated!

I still can't believe that this day has come

and is almost gone.

We are off to Amber and Brad's wedding tomorrow then off to St. Simons!

1 comment:

Maggie said...

i love you sister. these times in our life are so similar and i know somewhat how you feel. call me soon. have fun at the beach. i love you.