Sunday, April 6, 2008


Alan had flowers sitting on the kitchen counter
on Thursday evening when I got home from work.
Beautiful red gerber daisies and orange roses.
So blessed to have him as my sweetie!

Today, Taylor is 10! I was in 10th grade when he was born.
I vivedly remember the day.
Maggie and I had piano lessons.
Mom was in Alabama with Paige.
When we got out of piano lessons, Dad told us he was here.
9 # 5 oz.
A beautiful baby boy.
My first nephew.
I got to meet him in May when we moved to GA.
He is still so handsome.
So grown-up.
Happy Birthday Taylor!

Well, it's back to work tomorrow!
And back to the gym.
Done with week 8. Feelin' great!
(I know that rhymes, I can't help it!)

Don't you just love that Joy Williams song
that's on my music player.
We should live our lives that way, ya know!

night. night.

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