Tuesday, April 8, 2008


(and these are the cupcakes I just finished icing.
It is so beautiful...i had to take a picture.)

1. Today is Tuesday.

2. Anderson, the little handsome man of my friend Laura,
turned 1 today!

3. I made cupcakes tonight.

4. I'm going to an ultrasound with Lauren in 2 weeks.

(She will be 16 weeks at that time).

5. And most importantly...

Lauren and Chris decided to find out what
they are having!!!


Now, I am off to bed (if I can fall asleep from
all the sugar I just consumed).


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you are my sister.

Elizabeth H. said...

YUM!!! Those look delicious!!! Did you use an icing tube to make it look so pretty?? That is high tech! I'm all about Betty Crocker and a spreading knife. :)