Wednesday, November 25, 2009


As in Acid Reflux.

So I felt like Rowan has been especially fussy here lately.
He has been spitting up since he was 3 days old, but
here lately it has been much more frequent.
He was having difficulty nursing.
Some days he was totally not interested in eating.
I could hear his stomach rumbling around at feeding time.
He wasn't taking good naps.
Evenings around here were hard because Rowan is
inconsolable due to tummy troubles.
He even looked smaller to me.

I knew something wasn't right...

On Monday as I was reading Babywise it was confirmed
that Rowan may have AR.
There is a chapter in the book that talks about stomach issues.
I was reading scenarios of several different children.
One of them was about a little boy named Asher.
And well, he and Rowan could be twins.

So I text Alan really quick to tell him I am calling Rowan's
peditrician to ask what we should do, etc.
We take Rowan to see Dr. Smith on Tuesday morning.
He says "Yes, that is acid reflux and we need to go ahead and
start treating him."
He also explained that all the above problems are because of the reflux issue.
We also found out that Rowan only weighs 12 pounds, 4 ozs.
He should weigh at least 13 pounds, 8 ozs. according to Dr. Smith.
Poor baby hasn't been keeping enough down to gain weight.

Now we are on Zantac twice a day.
We go back to see Dr. Smith next week.
I'm praying for relief for Rowan and some weight gain too.
Pray with me please!


Shauna said...

Oh Bless! Praying for weight gain, a calmer and more quiet tummy, for the Zantac to work, an increased appetite for nursing and quiet evenings for you and Alan. :) xoxo

Jan said...

Both of my girls took Zantac as infants. My 2nd only had to take it for about 6 weeks and she was better. My first stayed on it for many months and outgrew AR. Your life will change for the better with a good dose of Zantac. Glad you found the answer. Love your blog.

anythingbutperfect said...

hey girlie! maddie had reflux and took zantac until she was able to fully sit up unsupported, for some reason it went away then. hope it helps little man. i bet you will notice an increase in his weight and a decrease in the amount of spit up stained clothes you wash very soon! ;) Love ya!

Sarah said...

Thinking of & praying for you all...miss ya! -Sarah

A Book Bagg said...

Alan told me about Rowan. Abi had AR too & it was completely gone by the time she was sitting up well, so hang in there!

Crying Baby Help said...

Reflux may trigger the baby to cry but in order to prevent it, there are ways to follow such as keeping the baby upright after feeding, using wedge pillows and trying not to lie the baby after feeding. In a way this can help to stop the baby crying.