Tuesday, October 27, 2009




Sweet boy slept from 8-5!!!

I was totally scared to go check on him this morning.

We are listening to him cry right now.
It isn't as easy today because I worked...
and I haven't spent much time with him.
I so want to go scoop him up and squeeze him.


I can do this!
Consistency is key!

And thanks so much for the sweet, encouraging words!
A lurker even came out of hiding...Hi Paula!

Just thought I would blog it!
One, to remember this day.
And two, to keep me busy for a while...

And oh, this precious face.
He is truly "eat-able", as my dad says!

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Shauna said...

It is hard to do girl. It is hard to listen to them cry when you want nothing more than to hold them, especially when you haven't been able to do it all day. But you have to. You have to listen to them cry. We would turn up the TV or I would go to the back room or we would go sit out by the pool. It was very hard--but it doesn't last long!!! It pays off--I promise!

Babies are going to cry because they are used to someone coming when they cry, once they realize you are not, they can learn to self-sooth and go to sleep AND get back to sleep on their own (the most important). These are all building blocks for when they get a touch older!

I absolutely love having a baby that I can just lay down in a crib wide awake and she doesn't make a fuss, either nap or nighty time. This is thanks to a schedule, nightly routine and teaching her to self-sooth as a young babe.
Little Rowan will get there--it's hard but worth it in the end and gets better every night! As he gets older and his cries start to become distinguished you'll know when you really need to "rescue" him! You're doing a great job and you're a fantastic mother!!!