Wednesday, December 3, 2008

house update...

We got our house relisted with a new agent on Saturday!
(Our contract ran out with our old agent.)
She is very enthusiastic, organized, and positive.
We have already had a realtor caravan.
15 agents came through to look at our house!
We have lowered our price $5,000, and are hoping this
will sell it sooner!

We decided not to put a Christmas tree up at our house.
I really wanted to put up my antique tree.
But we think we are only gonna be home for one weekend
between now and Christmas so it really wasn't worth the hassle.

Therefore, I am really not in to Christmas this year.
No Christmas tree.
No stockings.
Not being able to bake goodies.
No fires in the fireplace.
No Christmas candles burning or
Christmas music playing.
Not being at home.

And can I just say again...I want our house to sell.
I want a home of our own.

Sometimes I am very positive about the situation...
sometimes I'm not.
And today is one of those days!

Please pray that our house will sell!


steph said...

I'm sorry. I can feel your frustration. Christmas is for nesting! We're praying your house sells really soon! Love ya'

Anonymous said...

hey my bff-

I know it won't be the same, but we can decorate here know I need help putting things in the right place for Christmas...and we can bake and take the goodies to the pastors at SBC and anyone else you can think of?!?! I was also wanting to do a little shopping at the "Small"...hang in there...143

The Leinwetters said...

Hang in there! I'm praying for you guys.