Tuesday, December 23, 2008


That's how I felt as we told our family and friends about our little one on the way.

Hehe because we had a secret and we waited a while to tell everyone.

Hehe because I have been giving everyone the "two more years" line
when asked when we would start a family.

Hehe because I was even more surprised than all of you.

Hehe because it's so crazy to think we are gonna be parents.

Hehe because next year at Christmas I will have a 5 month old.

It's just so crazy to me.
Very surreal.
That life's surprises are indeed fun.
Even when not exactly planned.
That God is in control (as he "hehe's" to himself at us).

This Christmas we are so looking forward to spending
4 days in Alabama with my family.
Eating, hanging out, visiting, playing with toys, and
talking about how we will have a little one next year.

Alan bought and wrapped the Little People Nativity
by Fisher Price for the baby. If you haven't seen it, it is
the most precious thing ever.
I can't wait to play with it with our baby.
I can't wait to teach him/her about the true meaning of Christmas!

Much love to everyone!
Merry Christmas!

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abragg said...

Girl - we LOVE the FP nativity scene. This year's is even better. We got Abi one last year & it doesn't have shepherds, only wise men which we know were NOT there at the stable that night - LOL! I still can't get over the fact that you're gonna be a mama soon. TONS to talk about. Just another reason we need to get together sooner than later. BTW - Drew is FOUR MONTHS OLD. Can you believe it?