Sunday, November 2, 2008

tour de ornaments...

Last weekend Mom asked me how many ornaments I had...
I really had no idea.

(I always get teased because I inventory everything!
Since I was a little girl I have always organized and counted everything.
Even when I was 2 years old...
So of course my sister and momma gave me a hard time about
not knowing how many ornaments I have...
And if you are wondering I have a detailed list now!

So on Saturday night...I counted them...192!

I spreaded them out on our guest bedroom bed!
Solid in front! Designs in the back!
Got these (below) on Saturday!
Different and totally cool!

Don't really remember where I got these,
but they are in great condition!
And they are coordinating!
I think this is screaming
"Vote for John McCain"!
Not really! But it is very patriotic!
I got this at an antique store in Athens in January!

This is a beach ball ornament!
Love the colors!

These are "preppy"!

I got these on Saturday from my favorite antique store in
our little town!
I love the little points!

These 6 ornaments came from Goodwill a few weekends ago!

Here is a close up of the blue and red ones!

Now, can't you see why I need some antique beaded
garland for my birthday?
My antique tree won't be complete without it!

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