Thursday, July 24, 2008


Work is going great for both of us. finally starting to "settle in".
Sometimes it doesn't feel real that we are here to stay
because our stuff isn't here and we don't have a house of our own.

Lauren and I are meeting up today for lunch and maybe some shopping afterwards.
Haven't seen her in 5 weeks.
Can't wait to see that baby belly.
She says Gage is kicking all the time now, so hopefully I will feel him today! :)
She and Chris got back from Philadelphia on Tuesday.
Everything checked out really well.
Gage is growing big and strong...I think she told me he is already over three pounds!
The doctors told them that his lung-to-head circumference is 2.4.
Which means really good things for how well he will do when he gets here.
Lauren has still been feeling great!
She told me the other day that she is very exhausted (physically, mentally and emotionally)though.
Only about 9 more weeks! :)
I can't wait to meet him!

My friend Laura from Kansas found out she is having a little GIRL is December!
So excited for her and Lee!
Anderson will be a big brother to a baby sister!

We had an open house last weekend!
I think one couple came from Connecticut!
Please pray!

Well, I think that is all for now!
Just thinking about how blessed we are and trying to remember Attitude is everything!

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