Tuesday, February 19, 2008

root canal and the gym...

If you have been reading my blog for while you probably remember back in September when I was having all the mouth issues. I was "diagnosed" with TMJ, or so they thought that is what it was. Well, the symptoms that I was having then have persisted. To have pain, pressure, tightness, and sensitivity all the time on "tooth 14" for the past six months is not fun. (Upper left side of my mouth, second molar from the back, for those of you that don't know which one is #14:)). Well two weeks ago, it all came to a head literally! Over the weekend I developed a rather large swollen pocket that was squishy, on my gum line. Common sense told me something wasn't exactly right. So I showed it to my co-workers first thing Monday morning. And immediately someone tells me "Hollie, you have an abscess." Really, an abscess, you are kidding me. I went to the dentist that afternoon. I was started on antibiotics. I went back to the dentist on Wednesday to have this area opened and drained. That was really fun! Then I went back to the dentist the next Wednesday to have the stitch removed. I had already done them the favor of removing it myself...with my sewing scissors. :) So then I am referred to an endodonist (someone who does root canals all day long). He tested the tooth, and then tells me my tooth has died. Really, because now I am realizing that tooth suffered a long, slow, painful death. I wish someone could have put it and its owner out of misery sooner. And the really sad thing is...the funeral costs $1150.00. He put me on another round of antibiotics because "young lady, you have a severe infection going on here. " GREAT! Well, after lunch today I feel the area along the gum line with my tounge and if I don't feel another soft, swollen, squishy area. I go look in the mirror... and what do you know it looks similar to the one I had opened and drained. GREAT! My appointment for the root canal was at 2:00. So Dr. Golden (no pun intended, but someone will be golden when they are finished with me) started the root canal today. My next appointment is on April 15th, the day before I am going to my regular dentist for my regular preventive cleaning. So needless to say I have been to the dentist/endodonist 10 times in the past 6 months and I am tired of it! And I have two more visits in April!

So to sum it up. I do not have TMJ. They are thinking that in September the tooth was dying, and it has taken six months for the infection to get bad enough and surface. That is why I was having severe facial, tooth and jaw pain!

Lauren and I used to (and still do sometimes) play the "glad game". To play the glad game you must be upset, disappointed, or frustrated about something. (Check, check, check) and you must complete this sentence as many times as you can.

"I'm glad....

I have 32 teeth to worry about.
I have dental insurance to help with the costs of all this craziness.
my tooth could be saved.
I don't have TMJ.
we have medicine to help infection get better, even if it takes two rounds!
this is almost over!

And I hope this never happens to me again!

And I hope it never happens to you!

About the gym... Alan and I joined Anytime Fitness.
It is a 24 hour co-ed gym about 10 minutes from our house.
It is very reasonably priced.
It is clean (very important to me).
It smells good.
Tanning is included in our monthly feel.
It is safe.

We went four times last week "for a free trial week".
And we joined last night.

We are going sometime this evening when I can feel my face again!

I am very excited to get in better shape. Lose some weight. And get tan.
Alan and I have really enjoyed spending that time together as well.

Until next time...

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Sarah said...

I think it's funny that you're surprised I went skydiving. Most people are! It was a great experience though. I'm sorry you're having so many issues with your poor teeth. I hope after all this gets straightened out you'll be set for a while. Congrats on your gym membership. I've been using the Duke gym facilities since January now that I'm technically a student & am paying for it anyway. It is great stress relief. I saw you called today, but I was being lazy & sleeping from working Monday night so I'll try to call you later in the week. Talk to you soon!