Monday, February 18, 2008

busy weekend...

I had a very busy weekend!
My sister and her boys came to spend the weekend!

Paige and I made this cute little dress pictured
below! I am so thankful that she was
able to "supervise" my sewing. I wouldn't have been able
to do anything like this without her help!
I have already bought fabric for dress #2 (see below), but I am
a little apprehensive about starting without
Paige her to help. (And, Paige I know you will be getting
on the blog to thanks again! I love you very much.)

Below is a picture of Cade in all his snaggle-tooth wonder!
He is an absolute joy to be around!

The reason why there isn't a picture of Taylor...he didn't want to cooperate!

Better luck next time!

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