Monday, May 21, 2007

Two years ago today...

we got married. I am so thankful for the past two years. It sounds so cliche, but I am so glad the God gave me such a perfect helpmeet. He is my best friend.
He is the love of my life! Really!

This picture was taken on our wedding day only minutes after we said "I do"! I was so stinking excited to married to Alan! I still feel this way about you, babe!

Alan sent me these roses to work on Friday. 24 beautiful red roses! That afternoon when we got home from work he told me, "I'm never gonna stop sending you flowers, you know". The guys at work were messin' with him about sending me flowers. It seems like we are always hearing "Just wait till you have kids", or "Y'all are just newlyweds, wait till you have been married for 13 years", or "That is such a waste of money", or "y'all are just newlyweds, you'll get over it soon", or y'all make me sick".Well, I've got news for them...There are some people that never make it a year. And there are some people who may make it through that first year or two but they are miserable. It is just so disappointing to hear people talk about how bad marriage is. It is discouraging to know that so many people don't have what he have.

But anyways Happy Anniversay babe and I love you!
And I hope I never get over it!