Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well, I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now. For whatever reason, I just haven't done it yet. So tonight I figured I would just go ahead and start one up.

Just to explain where the name of the blog came from. Everyone knows that is probably my most overused phrase ever!

So glad it's Friday. This week has been so incredibly busy at work. Yesterday I worked a whopping 15 hour day! Three of those hours in the middle of the night literally. I am just so exhausted. I am on call this weekend. BLAH!

I made a huge pot of vegetable soup tonight and some cornbread muffins. There is just something delightful about soup and wintertime. I just love it!

Alan finished our taxes tonight. We are getting back less than we got last year. But we are happy that we do not owe Uncle Sam. Hopefully, we can order our bedroom suite we have been watching for weeks now. It will be so nice to have something substantial, something that is ours, that we will have for a really long time. The room is painted. The bedding is waiting. All we need is furniture to complete the room. SO exciting!

Looking forward to relaxing tomorrow. I love Saturdays!

Well...I guess I am off to get some sleep!

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