Monday, February 12, 2007

Bet ya didn't know...

that Alan and I are redneck nascar fans. Well on February 3, we were at our Sunday School party. Crystal and Michael hosted it for us. Let me introduce them to you...

First you have Alan and I.

Jamie and Bradley.

Zack and Jill...I mean Brittany and K-fed.

Then Crystal and Michael as trash and trashcan.

Russ and Shelley...I mean the Hulk and his wife!

Jennifer and Chayne as Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Scott and Scott's parents.

Morgan and John... as Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell.

And last but not least sweet little baby Charlotte. She belongs to Anna and Michael!

We had a great time as you can tell! We are so thankful for the friends God has blessed us with here in Athens!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Hey girl!

It looks like yall had a blast!! The pics are very cute (and funny).

Talk to you soon, Loody