Friday, February 4, 2011

the book winner!

Oh...this was so much fun!
Thank you all for your entries. I loved reading what you
are all thankful for!
We are all truly blessed!

Ok...So I cut up the entries and folded them. I placed them in my yellow polka-dotted bowl
(you know, since it is so gray and rainy outside), and had little boo pull out just one. Yeah, right!!!
What really happened is he grabbed a whole handful and then ran away from me...laughing all the way!
The winner was the one that was left in his hand after he either dropped them,
or I grabbed them from his hand.
I wish I could have given away a whole handful of this wonderful book!

                         this was just before the snatch and run...he looks so innocent doesn't he.

The winner is...
Mama of the Mac girls.
She happens to be one of my good friends from high school.
She is soon gonna have to change her name because she is
due in March with her third child...a little BOY!
Blakley is a busy stay at home mommy, an avid couponer, a youth ministers
wife, and she writes some super cool posts about how her girls teach
her about God's love and her latest decorating projects.
I know she will read this book...because she is always reading something!
I may even let her share here about what she learns from One Thousand Gifts!

I still encourage you all to read this book.
You can borrow my copy if you want!
(P.S. It's on sale at and Valentine's Day is just around the corner!)

Much Love and thankfulness!
Happy Weekend!

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Mama of the Mac girls said...

I'm super excited! And yes, I have already thought about needing to change my name on my blog...sooner rather than later! ;)Thanks again!