Sunday, January 23, 2011


I like to read books.
I just don't have (or don't make) much time for reading books anymore.

But, just before the New Year I read a book in a day.
And let me just add, that it is a great start-your-year-off-right book.

My sister actually gave Alan and I A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller for
Christmas, because she thought it was a good book.

It's about a guys "story".
We all have a story.
If you know Lauren Brown one of her favorite quotes is "Everyone has a story".

I was gonna try to summarize the book, but I really can' can google the title and read
some reviews about it if you want.

But here are some of my favorite quotes, that I jotted down.

If what we choose to do with our lives won't make a story meaningful, it won't make a life meaningful either.

The most repeated commandment in the Bible is "Do not fear".

The ambitions we have will become the stories we live. If you want to know what a persons story is about, just ask them what they want.

The reward you get from a story is always less than you thought it would be, and the work is harder than you imagine. The point of a story is never the ending, remember. It's about your character getting molded in the hard work of the middle.  

Joy is what you feel when conflict is over. But it's conflict that changes a person.

People in Denmark are the happiest people in the world. Why? Because they have the lowest expectations.

The apostles never really promise Jesus is going to make everything better here on earth- But his story offers HOPE. Hope that will be made complete.

Great stories have memorable scenes.

I think God wanted His people to build altars for their sake, something that would help them remember, something they could look back on and remember the time when they were rescued, or they were given grace.

I encourage you to read this book.

And next up on my reading list...


Maggie said...

i'm so glad you loved the book. i could re-read it every month! i love this post and i love that video. love you too.

steph said...

Downloading the book tomorrow! :) Miss you! Would love to see you and Mr. Curly-top! :)

Sarah said...

I love Donald Miller...I'll add it to my e-books to download list!