Friday, January 14, 2011

Rowan at {almost} 18 months

Can I just say it again? 
I can't believe our baby is almost 18 months!
Where does the time go?

At the end of November, Rowan started being really naughty.
Hitting, throwing fits, and needing spankings every 15 seconds...or so it felt.

I can thankfully say, that over the past two weeks we have noticed a huge
difference in our boy. I guess it was just a stage?!?
I am mostly documenting this for myself...but read along if you want to
hear what Row has been up too.

you are talking up a storm.
You are still a great sleeper. 12 hours a night. And at least a two hour nap each day.
You learn new words every single day.
You can say, bird, kitty (this one comes out a little funny. Ha!),
truck, hot, fire, dog, duck, moo (that's what you call a cow), rrrrr (that's what you call a lion)
snack, poo-poo, shoes, fish, penguin, oh, wow, apple, banana, no, water, bubbles, bath, night-night,
book, fix it, where did it go? there it is? go, yes, yuck, bear, baby, many peoples names,
downstairs, nose, belly button, watch it, monkey, deer, ho-ho, choo-choo, bye bye, roll tide (thanks to your aunt Paige and uncle Zack) chicken, and many more I can't think of right now...
Just yesterday you learned the word "poot". It's so funny to hear you say that too!
You have had several hair-cuts by me. Still not the official first one!
You still only have 10 teeth, and you love to brush them.
You absolutely loved Christmas.
Your favorite word at Christmas was "Ho-Ho". That's what you called Santa.
You loved opening gifts and destroying the Christmas tree.
You can drink through a straw and love to share our drinks.
You love to be read to.
You are still in love with your bear. You walk around with him in your mouth all the time.
You get plain giddy when your daddy gets home.
You woke us up last Saturday morning screaming..."momma, daddy, momma, daddy."
You are so much fun!
You can point to almost all of your body parts.
You can open doors in the house.
You love cars and trucks!
You are so healthy!
You are so tall. I thought some of your winter outfits would be too long but they are actually too short.
You wear a size 5 diaper. A size 6 shoe. Your clothes are 24 months to 2T.
You love your aunts, cousins, and grandparents so much.
You give lots of hugs and kisses. It's just so precious.
We just started Your baby can read. I am amazed that you sit and watch it.
Apples and bananas are your favorite.
You just started nodding your head no when you don't want something. I love it!
You love to be tickled and chased around the house.
You got your first goose egg on Christmas Eve. It was pitiful.
You are finally calling me "Momma"! I was Daddy for so long! I love it! :)
You are making me cry today, when I think about how much I love you.
Every day with you is a gift.
You are our little Row-Row and we love you so much!

I am sure I am forgetting some very important stuff, but at least I have gotten some of it written down!


steph said...

Preciousness~ It makes me want to squeeze him!

Memommy said...

Memommy is crying. Love ya'll so much.

Chris, Lauren and Gage said...

We are so proud of you Row-Row! You are so sweet, smart, and special! It just gets better and better every single day!