Wednesday, December 1, 2010


and ahhhhhh....the good kind of ahhhhhh....

what a relief it is/was to get all that off my chest and out of my heart. :)

I cannot tell you how much better the past almost two weeks have been for me and
in our home.

There is freedom is confessing our sins one to another.

Thank you for all the sweet, kind e-mails, comments, and texts you sent my way.
Totally made my day(s) and reminded me yet again that I am not alone and indeed, loved.

With all that being said...
I am going to challenge myself to blog everyday in December...
Why, you may ask.
Because I want to document what we are doing this December as we prepare and celebrate Christmas.
And because I am so excited about a BRAND new year.
I plan on blogging about Christmas memories, traditions, decorations, songs, favorites etc.
Then on the 6 days leading up to New Years Day I want to blog about the different things
I want to learn, focus on, accomplish, etc in 2011.

Our church is going to be doing a fast in January. If you know me know I am
not about missing a meal. But I am already praying and preparing for this. And believe it or not
I am so excited about it. onto my first December post...

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