Monday, September 6, 2010

coupon binder...

When I started couponing I read about making a binder to hold my coupons.
However, I thought that my coupon file system would work fine for me.
And it did.
For a while anyway.
Then my mini coupon files starting breaking, and I
was wasting too much time fumbling through my coupons.
Time is precious these days, and I am all about simplifying my life.
So, I made a coupon binder.
It consists of a 1 inch binder, 66 baseball card holder pages,
and a bunch of colored dividers.
I wanted the front of the binder to be cute, so
I printed my monogram on a piece of scrapbok paper.

I used some Avery labels from Wal-mart to personalize the dividers in Microsoft Word.

And here are some pages of my binder.

This layout works sooo much better for me.
I am saving much more time (and money).


Sarah said...

love it!
maybe you'll inspire me to ditch my little flip file & go for the binder...

A Book Bagg said...

I needed someone else to take the plunge first. I keep saying I'm going to do this & just never do. I've graduated to the 2 mini files - 1 for groceries, 1 for pharmacy stuff; but it's still not enough room. My only resistance is that I typically keep my inserts whole, but this would help when I need something that may or may not be on sale or in the ad & don't have a clue which insert to find the coupon in.

steph said...

Can I copy you?