Friday, May 21, 2010



We have had internet for two weeks now but,
I haven't really known where to start as far as blogging...
Still don't but here goes...

So since I have been gone...
Rowan turned 8 months old!
We moved into our new house!
We unpacked, unpacked, and unpacked...
And believe it or not we are still not done.
We totally redid our landscaping in the front yard.
Alan and our nice neighbor Tommy removed the fence from
our front yard!
We celebrated Easter in Alabama!
Rowan turned 9 months old!
Rowan got his first tooth!
Alan worked an insane schedule for almost three weeks!
Can you say single mom?
Rowan started crawling!
Alan got into graduate school at Mercer.
He is getting his Masters in Environmental Engineering!
I celebrated my First Mothers Day!
Rowan said "Moma"! :)
We painted our front door red!
Rowan turned 10 months old TODAY!
We celebrate our FIVE year anniversary tomorrow! (5/21)

Lots of pictures to come!

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